Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring/Summer Wishlist 2014

A big HELLO world! I have been absent for so long from the blogosphere and also lost the February challenge on my own blog. Nevertheless, I am back with a high spirit. Now I make a promise with the 'fashionista' inside me that I'll blog religiously. Coz I just don't want to land up in a situation saying, 'Once upon a time I was a Fashion Blogger'....Hehe! Check out my super awesome wishlist for Spring/Summer 2014 down here.
1. Moccasins 
Moccasins in black color which would perfectly go with formal as well as informal attire. Black is ever classy and never goes out of style! Be it in leather or any other stuff, they can create magic. As they rightly say, 'Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.'

2. Sweet Perfume
A perfume in light floral fragrance does wonders to beat the heat. It makes you feel fresh throughout the day and the pleasing aroma refreshes your senses! Its great to possess different kinds of fragrances for different occasions and the one with a sweet fragrance is on-my-list for summers this time. 

3. Denim shirt 
Its is on my shopping list for quite long. I am unable to find a rocking one online, but still looking for it in the both offline and online world. The above denim shirt, in a dual shade is on my wishlist for the season.

4. Something Pantone
Sine Pantone is color of the year 2014, so adding a Radiant orchid colored item to my wardrobe is great idea to dedicate something to the color of the year. Also, the light shade is good for the summer season to feel cool and calm.