Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring/Summer Wishlist 2014

A big HELLO world! I have been absent for so long from the blogosphere and also lost the February challenge on my own blog. Nevertheless, I am back with a high spirit. Now I make a promise with the 'fashionista' inside me that I'll blog religiously. Coz I just don't want to land up in a situation saying, 'Once upon a time I was a Fashion Blogger'....Hehe! Check out my super awesome wishlist for Spring/Summer 2014 down here.
1. Moccasins 
Moccasins in black color which would perfectly go with formal as well as informal attire. Black is ever classy and never goes out of style! Be it in leather or any other stuff, they can create magic. As they rightly say, 'Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.'

2. Sweet Perfume
A perfume in light floral fragrance does wonders to beat the heat. It makes you feel fresh throughout the day and the pleasing aroma refreshes your senses! Its great to possess different kinds of fragrances for different occasions and the one with a sweet fragrance is on-my-list for summers this time. 

3. Denim shirt 
Its is on my shopping list for quite long. I am unable to find a rocking one online, but still looking for it in the both offline and online world. The above denim shirt, in a dual shade is on my wishlist for the season.

4. Something Pantone
Sine Pantone is color of the year 2014, so adding a Radiant orchid colored item to my wardrobe is great idea to dedicate something to the color of the year. Also, the light shade is good for the summer season to feel cool and calm. 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 16 - A Date With Fashion

I went busy keeping up with my first love this Valentines, the 'love is in the air' feeling of the season is still a hangover for me ;) and you can't ever get enough of this feeling for February, at least. This is THE time to cherish and rejoice, give and take love, feel wonderful that you are loved.

This is the perfect day to let out my feelings for my first love, fashion! It has always given me even more reasons to love it and enjoy that emotion of holding something really close to heart. It has always stood by me and also motivated me to come back to life.

Coming to the outfit, this is NOT what I wore on v-day, I wore it to a wedding recently, so thought of putting it into this post as it somehow matches the theme, and 'pink' as a color describes love.

Hope you love the photos...


Floor length ethnic suit in pink, dupatta and the messy hair-do. The messy bun was a highlight in the outfit.

Just like Art, Fashion speaks for itself!


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Sunday, 9 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 9 - Chocolate

An urge for eating a chocolate can arise at the mere thought of it, but how about some real visual treat, chocolate dresses! We always have a craving for chocolates,and what better day to talk about it on the day itself - CHOCOLATE DAY!

Combining a woman's two fond things - fashion and chocolate in this post. There have been fashion shows around the globe on the theme chocolate. Models carrying off dresses made up of real chocolates, that sight is only possible on the runway, and not on the streets because of the edible nature of chocolate.

Though brown colored clothes also give me chocolaty vibes and I start to imagine chocolate, sometimes I'm bit over it, at other times I forget that chocolates even exist in this universe!!!

Lets take a glimpse at some mouth-watering dresses made of chocolate and others as well....


Friday, 7 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Sloth & Wrath

Hello all you lovely people!

Coincidentally, the day #5 theme got too much over me, that I actually indulged in the sin, sloth for a while. 
Sloth is extreme laziness! :P It turned out to be miserable when I realised I haven't posted the blog for the day! 
So, I thought of combining it with the next day's post. All this while of posting the 'Seven deadly Sins' on the 
blog, I continue to preach about stop sinning your life and indulge in better things instead, but ironically this one 
just took over me!

Today's theme is 'wrath'.

Wrath is great anger that expresses itself in a desire to punish someone. 
With inspirations ranging from models to junk food wrappers, designers on the ramp made this sin look more fashionable than ever.

This post is dedicated to some  fashion shows based on the sin 'wrath'. Wrath would depict something 
aggressive in fashion. 

Let's take a look, let the pictures do the talking today....

Stop sinning your life anymore and get into good deeds, always!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 4 - Pride

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post for I Love Fashion, that feeling really livens me up. That feeling that I'm living my passion for fashion, dedicating time to what I most love and simply not getting over this. How can this strong feeling be defined as, if not pride for what I do. Here comes the theme for today's blog post - PRIDE

I feel very proud of what I am doing, blogging about something I love the most. Happiness lies in tiny things, than big achievements. I carry a satisfied sense for attachment with dressing myself up everyday, like it’s a party in the fashion world. Everyday is bound to be a celebration. I feel like there’s still LIFE in life while doing this. It’s the only thing in the entire universe that excites me and brings me back from low times.

We say that we're proud Fashion Bloggers. What gets us to this level of pride, is it high self-satisfaction, independence or motivation from people around.

Whenever I buy something, my attitude and confidence brings that pride factor in me that I am proud to have it in my wardrobe, to own something and feel the connection later. I am proud of my choices, while picking up something from a street.

So, carry a dash of pride wherever you go, and sparkle the world around you.


All this while I was deep down in the sin called 'Pride'. But, reality check - Pride is a SIN. Never be too self-satisfied with yourself. 

Still, Proud to be Fashionista
A blog post a day, fashion all the way!


Monday, 3 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 3 - Fashion Lust

Third day of the challenge. Kicked it off with a bang, and I hope the excitement remains constant throughout the month of love, February. After all, its #28Days28Posts Blogging Challenge. 

I always come across phrases like FASHION LUST, My fashion Lust List, January Lust List etc. It seems they desperately want those items, they want it bad, will do anything to have it. Fashion lust is anything that's on our minds that we badly want to own. Stylistas can make a weekly or monthly lust list, or seasonal ones like 'Winter Lust List' or 'Summer Lust list'. Let me share my Pinterest board -  Lust-List. Check it out!

I hold fashion so close to my heart, that sometimes it seems like a drug, without which I simply can't imagine my life. Fashion Lust is a desire, a burning passion. 
Check out some of the items part of the 'Fashion Lust List'...

A blog post a day, fashion all the way!


Sunday, 2 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 2 - Envy

Are you jealous of other girls as you scan them for style inspiration? Are you always on the look out to find the exact dress your favourite celebrity wore at the awards? Do other fashion & style blogs prompt you to buy more? YES? Then you are a victim of fashion envy my friend. 

I mentioned the envy part in my blogpost, Inspirations, where I wrote how fashion photos on social media give me fashion envy! When I see online shopping brands marketing their stuff showing celebrities' photos 'Get the Look' for less, it implies how well they've figured out the psychology of a consumer who really wants to look like a celebrity and flaunt pieces they wore the snob way. 

Sometimes teens get jealous of fashionable girls posting an expensive new pair of boots on their blogs that the former can't afford. Bloggers have a competition that makes them want to shop more and flaunt outfits on their blogs. The multiple issues of fashion magazines on your shelf are capable of making you jealous and wanting you to buy just what they are wearing. Celebrities your age can leave you burning as well as girls around you could get you fuming and all you want is what they have to satisfy your hunger for fashion. 

Envy is a sin, you may never totally kick away your fashion envy, but use it to your advantage. Save pictures of outfits that inspire you and blend it into your personal style to match your personality. Don't envy, rather be inspired!

A blog post a day, fashion all the way!


Saturday, 1 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 1 - Greed for Fashion?

Greed for a fashionable living is not a problem, but wanting to possess too much of fashion items can be termed as ‘greed for fashion’. My point is simple. Fashionistas, including me for that matter, have a closet full of a variety of shoes, clothes etc etc. But we want more, with every changing season and every changing trend! We don’t seem to stop anywhere!!! What is it, if not GREED

Over indulgence in anything is bad, even if its entirely positive. We boast about loving fashion in unexceptional ways, but the love is going far off to take the form of greed here. Owning expensive fashion is one part, but greediness for fashion is another! Where will it take us! We’ll feel like a poor soul one day in bed.

It’s not really about economic fashion or luxury fashion. Whenever we come across the word ‘SALE’, online or offline, we just want to stock up our wardrobe because of the mouth-watering prices, without thinking, pausing or realizing whether we really NEED it or not. This is greed. This is something we need to get over. Sometimes this seems ridiculous to me! 

Greed is no longer good in this fashion-world. At times, people want to dress up like their favourite celebrities or bloggers, without foreseeing if its their style and in accordance with the environment they live in. They simply buy clothes because everyone is wearing them. This should definitely be controlled by ourselves. Fashion is losing its true essence this way.

Greed is a sin, get over it!

What does greed for fashion mean to you? Leave your responses below, as an acknowledgement to this post. 

A blog post a day, fashion all the way!


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Animal Instincts

Animal Prints are somehow treated as neutrals these days, but there's definitely no experimenting with this trend! Its a bold trend to sport and you can turn it into a disaster by not doing it right. No one wants that. The pieces in your ensemble don't matter much unless the entire package is GREAT! To rock it, I picked up a top in tiger print, wollen mini skirt, stockings and leopard print wedges. The tangerine bag is doing wonders in pumping up the outfit. Accessory-free look yet again due to winters, but a hat-shaped pin onto my colored hair. Hope you love the photos...

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Love fashion coz its worth it!


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Graffiti Sweatshirt

Owing to the winter-sickness, I got some inspiration from the environment of the Antarctic. Though there is no snowfall here in Delhi, we crave for some and wish to live the ice-life. Marvelous white crystal shiny ice all around and you’re frozen to death. We are hardly prepared for such extreme weather. So my today’s outfit is put together around this idea. A hooded graffiti sweatshirt, skirt, leggings and ballerinas to keep the winters at bay. 

This post is dedicated to this sweatshirt. I love this sweatshirt as its got real cool stuff just like a scribbling all over. The gray color and the graffiti print is simply fabulous. The fur is cute too! ^.^ The bangs in my hairstyle are going well with the look. Don't you think so? Do share your feedback, it makes me feel good. 

What do you think of the outfit? Share your lovely comments below! 
and as I always say, ATTITUDE is quintessential when you carry off yourself anytime and everytime!!