Thursday, 23 January 2014

Graffiti Sweatshirt

Owing to the winter-sickness, I got some inspiration from the environment of the Antarctic. Though there is no snowfall here in Delhi, we crave for some and wish to live the ice-life. Marvelous white crystal shiny ice all around and you’re frozen to death. We are hardly prepared for such extreme weather. So my today’s outfit is put together around this idea. A hooded graffiti sweatshirt, skirt, leggings and ballerinas to keep the winters at bay. 

This post is dedicated to this sweatshirt. I love this sweatshirt as its got real cool stuff just like a scribbling all over. The gray color and the graffiti print is simply fabulous. The fur is cute too! ^.^ The bangs in my hairstyle are going well with the look. Don't you think so? Do share your feedback, it makes me feel good. 

What do you think of the outfit? Share your lovely comments below! 
and as I always say, ATTITUDE is quintessential when you carry off yourself anytime and everytime!!