Sunday, 19 January 2014

Winter Outfit Idea - Semi Formals

Because everyday is a celebration..

Sometimes it seems illogical to me why only certain days are celebrated as Friendship Day, Valentines Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day etc etc..and birthdays, the most hyped thing these days! If we live with great enthusiasm and zeal daily, then we'll have a reason to celebrate every single day and express gratitude towards all loved ones and always be cheerful.

Because everyday is a celebration..

Just get up each day like its a whole new beginning, a whole new meaning is gonna be unveiled, new achievements are awaiting and you're gonna discover a new YOU!!!

Because everyday is a celebration..

Coming to today's outfit, its a nice mix of dark and bright. I considered this apt to keep myself warm on a cold day. The Black Blazer is a timeless possession and the bright royal blue pants are an instant mood-uplifter. Finally, added grey leg warmers and boots to complete the look. The highlight of this look is the hair 'highlights'(color)!!

Enjoy the pictures..

Who minds some compliments anyway, so drop in what you think of this look. It will add a dash of sparkle to my face! Finally, flaunt it like you own it. Till next, do anything for the love of fashion!