Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How to choose a color easily while shopping

Ok. Imagine this. You come across a really astounding fashion item that will be a great buy. You are never going to let go something like this. BUT!!! Damn, It isn’t available in your favourite color! STRUCK! Now you gotta make a choice between plethora of other colors. What to do? Follow the rule of ''ruling out'' rather than choosing one color out of all of them. It makes the task easier, trust me!!

Other things that are important:
  • Keep in mind the occasions that you would wear it for.
  • Look for colors maximum in your wardrobe, so that you can pair it up easily later.
  • You best know what colors that will suit you best, so choose according to your own personality. If you can carry bright shades well, go for it. If not, opt for subtle shades for a toned-down look.
  • Colors also vary with our moods. Sometimes we feel like wearing blue for calmness, white because its peaceful, so pick a happy-go-lucky color for all moods.
  • Finally, contrasting colors while color-blocking can work wonders, if done right. 
That's a short piece of advice for today! Till next, stay blessed and enjoy the new beginning of every new day!!! :)