Friday, 11 October 2013

Eye Makeup

Hello people

This is my first post on make up. So here's a peek into my make-up world today.
I particularly love eye-makeup. I mostly like to highlight my eyes, whatsoever the occasion be.
Even when I am in a hurry or for those 5 minutes of quickly getting ready to head out, I never forget to kohl my eyes with a kajal.

Some essential products you'll find in my kit are:

1. Oriflame Lash explosion Mascara: It's a two-in-one mascara. One side for elongating the length and another gives volume to your eyelashes. 

2. Chambor Kajal: I've been loyal to this one for over a year now. It gives an intense black color and smudge-free look for hours. I have never reapplied it throughout the day and it still works wonders for me!

3. Oriflame-very me Eyeliner(Grey): This liquid liner has an added shine to it and brings out the grey shade after two strokes.

4. Eyelash Curler - Local brand

5. Lakme Eyeliner(Black): I have not been liking liquid eyeliners lately as it takes quite some time to dry out( Damn, I'm already running late, now should i wait for you to dry...arghh)

6. VOV Eye shadow palette (8 colors): Simply nice!

Till next, have fun with fashion and make-up.