Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Revival of 90's fashion

Fashion is still not over its love affair with the nineties. Last week, my mother and I were taking a trip down memory lane by looking at photographs from the past. I’m born in the 90’s and mom told me she made me wear cute lil peplum frocks then. Awestruck, I looked at her and immediately it struck me that I gotta write a blogpost about this. So, now, the idea required good amount of research about the 90’s fashion, who’s wearing what in Indian movies of that decade, designers’ speak, newspaper articles and a lot more inspiration. Ever thought that much goes behind writing any blog post that you might come across day-in and day-out, eh?
It’s been much talked about and we’ve seen it on the runway recently, nineties fashion is here to stay!
One of my favourite show ‘Style and the city’ on Fox traveller talked about vintage, contemporary, they even showcased an outfit just inspired from the bollywood theme.


1.      Ripped jeans
2.      Vest trend
3.      Colorful tights and leggings
4.      Plaid
5.      Platform shoes
6.      The motorcycle leather jacket
7.      Shoulder pads trend
8.      Bare midriff trend (in form of crop tops and bralette tops)
9.      High-waisted trend
Courtesy: staystylist blog

Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood's fashionable sweetheart says “You know, being honest about what you love pays off. I don’t look at clothes as just clothes; I consider them as art, as well. And because I have such respect for fashion, I keep it real. I don’t think I’m bigger than fashion; I think fashion is bigger than me.”

Photo Courtesy: BOF
With the comeback, I'm falling in love with the vintage pieces on ebay. Especially the watches, check them out here! Also this antique pocket-watch.

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