Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Bath Essentials - Body Shop's Strawberry Body Polish

This adorable-looking Strawberry Body Polish by The Body Shop was gifted to me by brother in 2012.
That time it was purchased at INR 465. But now its priced at INR 595 for 200 ml on Body Shop's website. Basically, its a body scrub and again a BESTSELLER just like the Rainforest Coconut Hairoil in the last post.

The Body Shop official website

Available in 2 variants as you can see in the picture above. Satsuma and Strawberry!

How to use:
Use it instead of soap on the entire body excluding face. It would lather when applied alongwith water and then rinse off completely with water.  

My experience:
I can simply describe my experience in one word - GREAT. The walnut shell and kiwi seeds present in the product is for exfoliating on a daily basis. It works as a scrub by cleansing the skin as well as a moisturizer 
by making it soft as silk. The fragrance that it leaves on your body stays for over 3 hours.

  • For normal skin - No need of moisturizer after bathing. 
  • Requires very less quantity per use. 
  • Makes skin very soft. 
  • Reasonably priced - neither too high nor low. 
  • Nice strawberry fragrance

  • Requires lots of water to rinse in comparison to normal bath. 


Any more questions/comments are most welcome. 


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