Friday, 15 November 2013

Fashion Underground

This is straight from the fashion week to the blogger's table. I've been thinking of sharing runway trends that I just can't get enough of! So here I am, with some inspiration from the newspaper features and editorials. 

The Sao Paulo Fashion Week, that took place recently between October 28 and November 1, 2013, was quite out-of-the-box! The theme was urban mobility.

Forget about old school ramps, the models performed play in the metro in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A glass dressing room was installed at the station so that passengers can see the models getting ready for the catwalk. Escalators and train compartments acted as their ramp where these models posed for pictures. The new fashion runway literally went underground-in the subway. Other dressed-for-work passengers were stunned and captured pictures on their phones after recovering from the shock.

A very unique fashion show in itself, I liked this one as it was interactive with the general public.
Now this will definitely hit my mind whenever I am travelling in the Delhi metro :-P

Glimpses from the show..

My favourite outfit from the collection
Hope you liked this one as I loved the costumes and the colors! Share your feedback if you like :)

Talking about life..It's half a month down the photo-challenge that I'm part of along with other INDIAN FASHION BLOGGERS on Instagram. Fun themes like something old, shadow, chocolate etc. View my insta activity here 

Last but not the least, don't stop loving and worshipping fashion!