Friday, 8 November 2013

Trending: Plaid

These days laziness drowns me all the time and I also feel terrible about clothes that don't fit me anymore (Is the size really increasing, wondering!). Meanwhile I have been Instagram-ing and trying to get inspiration from Pinterest for maxi dresses coz I'm longing for it.

I'm really growing fond of the plaid trend for now but sadly don't own anything that's plaid but a muffler. In layman's language, plaid is a checked pattern that you must have seen around(but might not have noticed, just like me). A chequered men's shirt clicks my mind first whenever I hear of ''plaid''. 

I think I'm gonna raid my brother's (boyfriend is too mainstream..haha) wardrobe and settle my starve for this style. I'm already getting excited to wear something of the manly variety coz I am extremely feminine at all times for that matter. 

My current nail art will tell you more about my love for it.
Have a look...

and isn't this plaid-ed heel sexy and gorgeous
Pic Courtesy: Google Images
Till next, wear your attitude like your skin! 

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