Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Closet

Hello you! 
Christmas is here and energies are at a peak! It is a wonderful festive season which is marked by the celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus. It is celebrated with lavishing parties and Santa Claus brings you happiness and good luck(some gifts too, if you're lucky). He also fulfills the wishes of everyone. People anxiously wait to get into this festive spirit and New Year also follows just a week afterwards.

Since it falls in the winter season in the last month of the year, December, snowfalls are common across the west but not in India(at least not in Delhi). So lets just gear up for it and celebrate it in style.
I had few items in my closet depicting the X-mas colors, so I decided to put them all on ‘I Love Fashion’ instead of one regular outfit post. Talking about these festivities, now I’m reminded of my school life when we used to get chocolates as gifts on Christmas. Those were such golden days(nostalgia!)

 Enjoy the Christmas Collection from my wardrobe ;)

Wollen dress in red and white

Hearty-wings earrings

Red-Black-White top 

Sparkle loop earrings

Mufflers | Houndstooth in B&W (left), Dolce Gabbana in Red (right)

The New Year is approaching fast, and I’m SUPER excited about all new hopes and aspirations. Time for some resolutions as well, and not just taking a resolution for the sake of it, but proper planning to implement it in the best way I can. 

For now, seize the day, enjoy and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone out there. 

Dance in style and keep loving fashion!

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