Sunday, 29 December 2013

Let's twist up this winter

“I'm already crazy. I'm a fearless person. I think it creeps up on you. I don't think it can be stopped. If my destiny is to lose my mind because of fame, then that's my destiny. But my passion still means more than anything.” ― Lady Gaga

Since morning I have been only coming across reviews of the year 2013. Year-end reviews on fashion trends, technology, influencial people list, even fellow fashion bloggers are posting their favourite outfits reviewing the entire year. 

I am dressing in quite dull colors this season like grays and blacks and blues. It was getting monotonous and there was hardly any change. so I decided to throw up on this vibrant pink and a colorful skirt that's DIY'ed. What's better than cheering your Sunday in bright shades to feel an instant upliftment in the mood. Colors matter!
Well, today's outfit is not only about pink, but also my favourite purple stockings (I was longing to wear them these winters). O yeah, That girl in black boots! ;)
Its an accessory-free look coz I don't like to pile them on, in addition to so many layers already! 

Hope you like the outfit..

New hairstyle. Likey?

The Outfit

Jacket : GK M-Block, Delhi
Skirt : DIY ( See how I made it here )
Stockings: Old
Boots: Local market

Last but not the least, attitude is free (just in case you wanna carry some!)

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