Saturday, 21 December 2013


Lust them bad, or lust them like mad, at times I want to ape them, at times not, some times I want inspiration, other times they are eye-pleasing more than the sea waters. They have an insane ability not just to turn heads, rather leave you struck-headed! How far can this get?

Well, I'm talking about those drooling pictures that we come across everyday on Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, and else where!  But then they also leave me wondering about the practicality of those outfits. How can I interpret it into my own life and work out the styling. There's no end to the road of fascination by them. Simply, love at first sight! 

Let them speak out to you, coz fashion is a language

[ Images via Pinterest ]

Since it is winter season, taking inspiration from these ones is no issue. Also, Christmas is around the corner. So, get set into the festive mood and enjoy like never before!

Will be back ultra-soon to share with you my X-mas 'n' New year plans!!!
Stay tuned...coz we all live fashionable lives.

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