Sunday, 15 December 2013

Winter Outfit Idea - Plaid It On

Hello. Namaste. Hola. Bonjour. Hallo. Ciao.

Winters are here in full swing so why not indulge in some staple drinks like tea or coffee! What’s your favourite in these chilled months of the year? I mostly prefer water :-P Other than that, I am not loyal with T or C (read T&C) and have any depending on my mood at that moment. Simple.

Coming to other things, I talked about my growing fondness for the plaid trend in a post this November. It was my first stint on a ‘checked’ nail art that time and I received pretty good reactions as well. Today I am incorporating the same in an OOTD. Tartan is widely loved particularly in the winter season. Check out this image as a good instance..

So fashionistas, flaunt it around in the most unique way you can and make heads turn.

A wonderful idea struck my mind and I decided to go for this top with a pair of stockings for a perfect dinner date or any evening out with a special one. ^_^

Bow at the backside of top

The outfit  

A red and black top, stockings, heels and a leather bag. Accessories kept as minimal as possible. Make-up is not too loud but red lips for a sensual effect. I have done an experiment with the hairstyle. Major part of the hair bunned together at the top while others resting loose. 

So, as the saying goes - When in doubt, wear RED !!!! Holds true? Rather it should be - Without a doubt, wear RED

Till next, love fashion, breathe fashion and worship fashion!