Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Love, Peace etc

Love, love a lil more!

I believe we should keep falling in love once in a while, and fall out of it too...just to fall back again! Sounds lil absurd to me now. Its simply the 'Law of Nature' that certain feelings are bound to arouse in anyone at any point of time. It helps developing a person emotionally and I believe this is part of life and that's how we all grow up. But in our hectic lives, we forget to love ourselves. So people, spread the love but reserve some of it for you too! Coz you deserve it :) You're your sole owner!

Love, love a lil more!

At times when I discover new things about my own self, I tend to fall in love with myself all over again. Yes, I'm not joking! This is the time when you take time out for yourself and think about absolutely nothing! Oh, I'm diverting into philosophy now, so let it be (Sometimes I'm very philosophical :P) 
Now let's hop on to today's outfit which reminds me of PEACE. Wondering why! We'll find out soon.


T-Shirt: Old
Jeans: GK M-block, Delhi
Footwear: GK
Bag: GK
Gold accessories and black beaded neckpiece used as bracelet
Sunglasses: Local 

I like the tangerine color of my bag!

Do you know: Tangerine Tango was Color of the year 2012. 

Share your feedback in the comments section below. I look forward to it.

Till next time, love...love a lil more!!!