Sunday, 2 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 2 - Envy

Are you jealous of other girls as you scan them for style inspiration? Are you always on the look out to find the exact dress your favourite celebrity wore at the awards? Do other fashion & style blogs prompt you to buy more? YES? Then you are a victim of fashion envy my friend. 

I mentioned the envy part in my blogpost, Inspirations, where I wrote how fashion photos on social media give me fashion envy! When I see online shopping brands marketing their stuff showing celebrities' photos 'Get the Look' for less, it implies how well they've figured out the psychology of a consumer who really wants to look like a celebrity and flaunt pieces they wore the snob way. 

Sometimes teens get jealous of fashionable girls posting an expensive new pair of boots on their blogs that the former can't afford. Bloggers have a competition that makes them want to shop more and flaunt outfits on their blogs. The multiple issues of fashion magazines on your shelf are capable of making you jealous and wanting you to buy just what they are wearing. Celebrities your age can leave you burning as well as girls around you could get you fuming and all you want is what they have to satisfy your hunger for fashion. 

Envy is a sin, you may never totally kick away your fashion envy, but use it to your advantage. Save pictures of outfits that inspire you and blend it into your personal style to match your personality. Don't envy, rather be inspired!

A blog post a day, fashion all the way!