Sunday, 9 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 9 - Chocolate

An urge for eating a chocolate can arise at the mere thought of it, but how about some real visual treat, chocolate dresses! We always have a craving for chocolates,and what better day to talk about it on the day itself - CHOCOLATE DAY!

Combining a woman's two fond things - fashion and chocolate in this post. There have been fashion shows around the globe on the theme chocolate. Models carrying off dresses made up of real chocolates, that sight is only possible on the runway, and not on the streets because of the edible nature of chocolate.

Though brown colored clothes also give me chocolaty vibes and I start to imagine chocolate, sometimes I'm bit over it, at other times I forget that chocolates even exist in this universe!!!

Lets take a glimpse at some mouth-watering dresses made of chocolate and others as well....