Monday, 3 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 3 - Fashion Lust

Third day of the challenge. Kicked it off with a bang, and I hope the excitement remains constant throughout the month of love, February. After all, its #28Days28Posts Blogging Challenge. 

I always come across phrases like FASHION LUST, My fashion Lust List, January Lust List etc. It seems they desperately want those items, they want it bad, will do anything to have it. Fashion lust is anything that's on our minds that we badly want to own. Stylistas can make a weekly or monthly lust list, or seasonal ones like 'Winter Lust List' or 'Summer Lust list'. Let me share my Pinterest board -  Lust-List. Check it out!

I hold fashion so close to my heart, that sometimes it seems like a drug, without which I simply can't imagine my life. Fashion Lust is a desire, a burning passion. 
Check out some of the items part of the 'Fashion Lust List'...

A blog post a day, fashion all the way!