Tuesday, 4 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 4 - Pride

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post for I Love Fashion, that feeling really livens me up. That feeling that I'm living my passion for fashion, dedicating time to what I most love and simply not getting over this. How can this strong feeling be defined as, if not pride for what I do. Here comes the theme for today's blog post - PRIDE

I feel very proud of what I am doing, blogging about something I love the most. Happiness lies in tiny things, than big achievements. I carry a satisfied sense for attachment with dressing myself up everyday, like it’s a party in the fashion world. Everyday is bound to be a celebration. I feel like there’s still LIFE in life while doing this. It’s the only thing in the entire universe that excites me and brings me back from low times.

We say that we're proud Fashion Bloggers. What gets us to this level of pride, is it high self-satisfaction, independence or motivation from people around.

Whenever I buy something, my attitude and confidence brings that pride factor in me that I am proud to have it in my wardrobe, to own something and feel the connection later. I am proud of my choices, while picking up something from a street.

So, carry a dash of pride wherever you go, and sparkle the world around you.


All this while I was deep down in the sin called 'Pride'. But, reality check - Pride is a SIN. Never be too self-satisfied with yourself. 

Still, Proud to be Fashionista
A blog post a day, fashion all the way!