Friday, 7 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Sloth & Wrath

Hello all you lovely people!

Coincidentally, the day #5 theme got too much over me, that I actually indulged in the sin, sloth for a while. 
Sloth is extreme laziness! :P It turned out to be miserable when I realised I haven't posted the blog for the day! 
So, I thought of combining it with the next day's post. All this while of posting the 'Seven deadly Sins' on the 
blog, I continue to preach about stop sinning your life and indulge in better things instead, but ironically this one 
just took over me!

Today's theme is 'wrath'.

Wrath is great anger that expresses itself in a desire to punish someone. 
With inspirations ranging from models to junk food wrappers, designers on the ramp made this sin look more fashionable than ever.

This post is dedicated to some  fashion shows based on the sin 'wrath'. Wrath would depict something 
aggressive in fashion. 

Let's take a look, let the pictures do the talking today....

Stop sinning your life anymore and get into good deeds, always!