Saturday, 1 February 2014

#28Days28Posts Challenge - Day 1 - Greed for Fashion?

Greed for a fashionable living is not a problem, but wanting to possess too much of fashion items can be termed as ‘greed for fashion’. My point is simple. Fashionistas, including me for that matter, have a closet full of a variety of shoes, clothes etc etc. But we want more, with every changing season and every changing trend! We don’t seem to stop anywhere!!! What is it, if not GREED

Over indulgence in anything is bad, even if its entirely positive. We boast about loving fashion in unexceptional ways, but the love is going far off to take the form of greed here. Owning expensive fashion is one part, but greediness for fashion is another! Where will it take us! We’ll feel like a poor soul one day in bed.

It’s not really about economic fashion or luxury fashion. Whenever we come across the word ‘SALE’, online or offline, we just want to stock up our wardrobe because of the mouth-watering prices, without thinking, pausing or realizing whether we really NEED it or not. This is greed. This is something we need to get over. Sometimes this seems ridiculous to me! 

Greed is no longer good in this fashion-world. At times, people want to dress up like their favourite celebrities or bloggers, without foreseeing if its their style and in accordance with the environment they live in. They simply buy clothes because everyone is wearing them. This should definitely be controlled by ourselves. Fashion is losing its true essence this way.

Greed is a sin, get over it!

What does greed for fashion mean to you? Leave your responses below, as an acknowledgement to this post. 

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