Sunday, 8 September 2013

Awesome Accessories - Part 3

Hello everyone out there..taking out sweet little time of your day reading my ultra~cute post ;)

I almost lost track of the accessories series going on the blog! So here I am, with the largest collection of earrings in my jewel box! I have always been crazy collecting charm for my ears. Why not, something that is effortlessly visible with only a glance on her face! They come in all shapes and sizes. So you can easily find them suiting your taste, face type and personality.

In India, ear piercing is very prominent for the females because of the religious value attached. It is cultural for us to do so. But, nevertheless, jewels are a woman's soul mate, and would always remain. I once loved the jute earrings I saw at the Surajkund Crafts Mela, organised in Faridabad every year in February, season of love, added bonus ;)

Have a look at my valued collection!!! They have been lying unused for quite some time now, since I like to go easy and add bling to the ears only occasionally.

I thought snapping all of them and compiling later would be a daunting task. So bundled them together on a hanger and went CLICK! CLICK!!! ^.^
Jhumka gira re!

Would you like to buy any of these from me. Drop me a comment if you wish to.. haha, Just kidding! Don't take me serious. 
 Anyway, leave your love for them in the comments below!
Till the next time, keep it stylish!