Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sneak peek - Shoes

Did you know?

High Heels were originally made for Men:

King of France Louis XIV was very short, so to compensate his height his cobbler put a piece of wood on the heels and an other on the soles to give the king some height.
All women certainly owe his cobbler a lot!!!!

As people say, heels lift you physically and mentally, 
so let me describe the different types of heels I possess. 

and few of the footwear here....

Thanks to this post that I got to clean my shoe closet and discard the ones I haven't used in the past one year. My mom will really give blessings to my blog now..haha! 
We never forget to pamper our sweet feet in these lovelies, but I also don't skip nourishing my feet as they get swollen wearing high heels for long periods! How do you take care of your foot 'n' footwear.
Let me know by commenting below.

Till next, let's be head over heels ;) and walk in attitude ladies!