Sunday, 15 September 2013

Your ATTITUDE matters!

Let me begin today by quoting the tagline of my very own blog...

Fashion is not an option

Its an attitude!!!!

Fashion is referred as an attitude as it includes your inner style and outer personality. 
It's not just your clothes or accessories, its your attitude which is of equal importance. 
Be your clothing branded or not, but you must be able to carry it off with ease and confidence. 
If we experiment with something that we are not used to, its a challenge to feel comfortable and showcase that at the same time.

I agree with the fact that apparels makes or breaks! It can work wonders if accessorized well. Carrying your self along with right attitude counts!

Attitude does not only mean how you present yourself. It's the outer attitude and inner as well. You should feel great about yourself from the inside. The inner self should feel that you are dressed right for a particular occasion. Then you will really be ready to take on the world. Practice optimism. When we truly value ourself, we will always feel and look awesome. That is guaranteed. Be open to criticism...then only you can develop the perfect attitude over time. 

I hope we all build ourselves to instill the right attitude and rock the world.

An optimist