Sunday, 22 September 2013

Awesome Accessories Part 4


Oversized Flower
Pin it up in your hair or use it as a brooch on a blazer or dress. Brooch reminds me of the badges we used to pin onto our bags during college. Apart from the yellow smiley’s, I noticed a variety of funky and cool ones in different shapes and sizes. Youngsters are extremely experimental at times(no biases) and why not, we form majority of the population and influential too.

Floral print is the in-thing this season and this trend is surely not going anywhere in the winters as well, but it takes an interesting turn when this is in 3-D. When I think floral, suddenly my huge hairpin pops into my mind.

This one is a gift from my maternal aunt. This piece never disappoints me in any way. The classic white color makes it easy to team-up with any kind of outfit easily. 

Any classy and evergreen pick is always cherished! Hair bands with flowers are loved and so with blingy embellishments.

This is another flower I own and it seems like rose-shaped. Extremely adorable and cute ^.^

I own a red rose hairclip that my BFF gifted me. The best part is that everyone used to be fooled for the first time seeing it. Anyone can easily confuse it with a real rose (believe me!). I am unable to track it lately, so could not treat you with its pictures! 

Clip pinned to hairband

Last but not the least, are some other pieces that can be put on quickly on the move!!
Hope you liked each one of them.

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