Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Birthday Look - First Part - Self obsession and more


Recently, a lot of people have been telling me they are inspired from me. Their inspiration for fashion and bringing out their style statement among their peers. I am not too sure in what ways and to what extent do I inspire them. Who won’t be glad to know that at the first place. Sometimes you are motivated enough to do something and all you need is a little kick from here and here(not literally!) to get started.

As a fashionista I have followed fashion rules but also had the courage to seldom break them. That is what defines me. Challenging your comfort zone and is what makes you stand out in the eyes of people. Call it my self-obsession or anything, but I am really occupied with thoughts of myself more often than not. I am just so obsessed with myself!!! At times heard people cribbing they don’t have time for themselves but here am grateful to have all the time of the universe for me. I have always had enough space to work on myself to be my better self. 

People (I have had this bad habit of calling friends and family as ‘people’) also tell me I have a great dressing sense. But I doubt that. I just buy fashion and wear it in my style and attitude. In a nutshell, I have been my own inspiration, tried to evolve and learn from my mistakes.

Apart from that, since it was my birthday yesterday, I decided to wear this gifted dress in two ways on a single day. Firstly as a top paired with jeans and later as a dress itself coupled with striped stockings. I loved it. I have divided my day's looks into two parts. The first outfit is showcased in the following photos in this post. The next post would feature the second and final look for the special day!
Enjoy the pictures..

Peplum dress worn as a top 

How do you like it?

At Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
  Peplum dress worn as a top 
Jeans by Forever21
Wedge Pumps
Sunglasses by FCUK

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