Saturday, 28 September 2013

WELLA Bloggers Meet

My first blogger's meet and guess what, am reporting live from the WELLA INTERNATIONAL STUDIO, Select Citywalk, Saket.
We Indians are very skeptical about coloring our hair. But today is a great opportunity for some lucky bloggers including me to know the truth behind hair color. ''THE TRUTH''. The first and foremost, Ammonia-free is not damage free. There can be worst products than ammonia that could damage your hair. Shocking, isn't it?

I have already had this experience of coloring my hair in 2011 but never could gather courage again. Also, my mom is completely against it and I respect her. But with due respect and keeping in mind my experimental nature, Wella has opened my eyes (and all other senses) in a true manner. The panel here are answering all our queries form hair to hair color to what causes damage. Very often we tend to blame hair color for the damage, split ends and rough texture. But don't you think pollution and everyday wear 'n' tear does the same? Ponder over it. What your favourite hairdresser in the salon won't tell you, Wella did it!

I'm sure to get my hair colored now with more confidence and better knowledge, of course.
It's a lovely bloggers meet and am really enjoying it. As an empowered consumer I will feel much better experimenting with things am aware of!

That's me

Now let me go for lunch, since I am starved!
Loving #truthbehindhaircolor !!!!