Thursday, 29 August 2013


Food for thought - Fashion, Anti-fashion, Fashion, Anti-fashion...

Something appears to me as weird and I immediately tag it as non-fashionable. It's not a style of clothing or behavior or trend followed by people around me. It's a turn-off and non-appealing, as our minds are conditioned in that manner. Unaware of the fact that the fashion that is IN today might just be completely 'out'dated tomorrow. To support this fact, I'm reminded of this funny incident that happens with me over and again. Few years down the line when we look at our pictures, we are like ''eeewwww..what's that'' haha! We wonder what we are wearing was in fashion that time. Astounded by our own self of the past.

As a popular saying goes HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, so does fashion.

If an idol wears something(our fashion guru/icon/idol/favourite celebrity) we tend to follow their style statement and ape the way to suit our personality! That's the beauty of fashion that it has an easy imitation power.

For fashionistas like me, we would never EVER like to be called not~so~fashionable or unstylish. We don't want labels like Anti-fashion but would easily give it to other people who do not keep abreast with the latest thing! Not even a slightest of mistake which could damage our identity. But I have to admit sometimes we take risks and it doesn't turn out well, so we are little disappointed. Nobody dreams of a disaster. But nobody is perfect. That's how our style changes and evolves in true sense. We simply like to keep ourselves updated with the current trends and follow them religiously. No room for a faux pas.

Last but not the least, from all the trendsetters of this universe to aliens of other planets..LOL

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I louuuvee fashion!!!