Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Perfect Dating Look


Quite some time since I wrote my last blog post.
Now let me begin again by telling you something. I've always been cursed for being skinny. But you know what, I love myself. Always believed in loving myself. So here's a vital tip for life-

Anyway, I've created this look much suited for a date. Other than that as you must have heard ''When in doubt, wear RED''. So thumbs up for it. I think adding even a bit of red accessory adds to your hotness quotient. 
I've used this dress cum top mostly as a top in the recent past. Paired it with jeans then!
But here, works well as a dress too for a dating appeal. The sleek red belt above the waist looks cute and trendy! The hearts give a flirty touch to the outfit and you're sure to charm your man enough with them. 
Accessories kept minimal so that the effect of red color doesn't tone down.

 Looking quite broad in the last photo. haha. I'm one person who'll always jump in joy to see myself  looking fuller or if someone tells me so. Can u believe!? :P

Awesome Three-some
  1. The red lipstick
  2. Red hearts on the dress + belt
  3. Red Stilettoes

And finally, as I always say, Don't forget to carry lots of attitude! ^.^
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