Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Summer Love


I wish this summer never ends. No, actually I wish this every time. It's going away too soon and the fall is waiting to arrive. It feels that summer just came. But no, its been quite long. I love this longest time of the year like anything but not the tanning, of course! Rightly said good times don't last. Well, neither do the bad ones, I suppose! Time really decides to fly faster when you're having fun. I experiment a lot with my looks in this period of time. That doesn't give you a reason to not follow my blog during the chilling time of the year. I am equally empirical in the winters as well. 

Fuming because of the heat is continuous. You miss something only when its lost or gone, so true!! Probably it'll take a little more time for me to realize that's its actually gone to miss it bad (not forever, thank god!). Let it sink in completely. Kudos to the great times I had this season. Well, there is still some time and hope and I'm already giving my farewell(kind of) speech and gearing for stock change. Haha!

What is your favourite time of the year? Share your opinions in the comments below.

My next post is an interesting one...What if there had been ''NO-FASHION'' !?!!! Just changed your expression, don't forget to check it out then, soon!