Saturday, 24 August 2013

DIY & Nail Art

Inspired from the work of a wonderful artist Priyanka Gusain of  'Zubiya', I did art work on a plain wallet.
My father didn't believe for a moment that its hand-painted! Decided to have the logo of my very own blog 
I LOVE FASHION on the front side, and Eiffel Tower on the back. Love for Paris is very obvious for any fashion lover.

Material used : Just a thin permanent marker
and its done! Easy and hassle-free, right?

Do you like my creation?
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Remember I mentioned my growing fondness for geometry these days, nail art just to suit that. Used purple(dark one) as base coat and white geometrical patterns for an amazing contrast. Worked out well. :)

So, what's your say on both the creations?