Sunday, 18 August 2013

Awesome Accessories Part 2

Presenting....My Rings!!! But the difference is that this time, I've given a personal touch to my lovely collection of rings - in my fingers.
Also, I've pampered my nails by giving them an animal print nail art
I'll very soon post about my (former) obsession on nail art.. Watch out!

Sometimes, I wonder why girls love their jewelry or clothes so much. That's because we've collected these stuff from different places by taking pains to find just-the-right-thing for us. Each article is unique and trendy in itself. That's enough reasoning to state we adore everything we own.

My latest purchase from Forever 21
Oversized rings are best to seek attention towards your hands.
Nail art is an added advantage.

Made of stones
Purple stones
Gemstone ring with exquisite metal base
Same as above

Tiger print on my nails
What do you say about the artistic nails?

My wishlist

Currently I want an antique ring in silver and black. Something like this.

Lost! Lost! Lost!!!

Recently lost both of these rings. I really miss them sometimes! Trying to recover the loss by buying more for the love of my fingers..
Hope you liked all of it.