Thursday, 22 August 2013

DIY [Do It Yourself]


I wanted to do something out of the old clothes that I hardly use anymore. Also, I've seen designers using their mother's trash sarees to recycle it and create something new and useful out of it. Inspired from that, I put on my creative hat and thought of converting my red tube top into another customized tube top. I made this just before I started writing this blog. 

All you require:
  • A tube top 
  • Mom's old saree
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

STEP 1 : 

Take a tube top and an old saree. I chose this saree because of the interesting print (I'm fond of geometric prints lately)

STEP 2 :

Take a scissors and cut-out as much fabric as you require to cover the tube top completely plus a little more (in case something goes wrong while stitching)

STEP 3 :

Stitch the cloth on the top using a machine or get the job done by a tailor ( Latter in my case)

And what you get is an all new printed tube top. Amazing!

Use it as a skirt instead. I have worn it as a skirt. Looked fab and i loved it. Happy with my creation.

Would you try something like this?
Do let me know if I inspire you ever. I'll be glad to know.

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